Here comes summer!

Woah, what a crazy last few months it has been!  I've been hard at work doing lots of jazz!  Let's get to some awesome news!

A new album is in the works!  New songs are being written, and a couple of them are totally finished.  In fact, the new single is available on iTunes!  The song is called "Do The Caveman" and it totally rocks!  It's a dance-along song with specific actions, and it's super rad.  I've been performing it at our recent shows and it's been a huge hit!  

In February I decided it was about time I write a new song for my sweet wife Brooke.  You can listen to the entire song for free right here!

In other news, Annie and I have started playing wedding receptions!  We played some live songs for our younger brother's reception, and we booked a couple more receptions shortly after.  Would you like to see us performing a song for grown-ups?  You would?  Well then, check out the video!

This summer promises to bring lots of fun shows and some rockin' new music!  We also have a few videos in development, so stay tuned, because you're not going to want to miss a thing!  Rock on amigos!!!