Teaching juggling and Go Ergo!

Happy June, Jenks fans!

I wanted to share a fun music video I recently created at my day job. I was working on a safety video series about office ergonomics, and I was asked to come up with a creative way to promote the series. Relying on my Jenks experience, I decided to write a sweet rap song! They let me shoot a sweet music video, starring myself and about 50 of my coworkers, and we put it on YouTube. It's fully my style, and I had a blast creating it. Check it out: 

I also was recently hired by Salem's "Statesman Journal" to teach columnist Capi Lynn how to juggle. We did a preview article, which you can read HERE. A few weeks later, I met Capi at the park right next to Oregon's capitol building, and she learned to juggle! Read the article, see the pictures, and watch the video HERE!

Corey teaches Capi Lynn to juggle

Two-person juggling