Happy Holidays!

   December is rockin' right along, and it's been fun for us to reflect on this awesome year of 2008. We've made so many friends, played at a lot of different places, and made some cool videos. It's definitely been an exciting year for us, and we hope it's been a great year for you too!

   Last Saturday we performed at the Moscow Public Library in Moscow, Idaho. What a cool library that is! Thanks to all who came out to sing, dance, and play with us. For those of you who missed it, I'm sure we'll catch you next time.

   We currently have our debut music video, "Little Monkey on the Roam," available on our website (visit the Fun Stuff page), as well as on YouTube. Thanks to all who have watched so far, and if you want to rate the video and leave a comment, then visit the YouTube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5G5FP30SARk (remember to click "watch in high quality").

   We've also recorded a rockin' version of the holiday classic "Jingle Bells," and we've sent it out as a freebie to everyone on the newsletter list. If you'd like to receive the free song, then send us a message on the "Contact" page. Keep it real, Jenks fans, and we'll see you in 2009!