New Year, New Stuff!

So lots of new stuff has been happening lately!  First off, I launched a brand-new, dinosaur themed website.  What do you think?  Cool, right?  Videos, music, pictures, there lots to look at (and listen to)!

As I've been writing these dinosaur songs, I've had to really get into the dino spirit.  So I honed my raptor impersonation, and we happened to catch it on film.  Check out the video...Raptor Dad!

Another cool thing occurred in December.  I was prepping to perform at Spokane's First Night (huge New Year's Eve party), and I was asked to do some promo work for the event on the live morning news.  So I woke up nice and early and juggled live at 6:15 a.m.  Now that is not easy!  But it turned out great, and we have it recorded for you to see!

Now we're getting ready for our big CD release party.  Check out all the details on the calendar page!